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    540 Needle Derma Rollers: Why we don’t sell them

    We are often contacted by customers asking why we don’t sell 540 needle derma rollers. In fact we have stocked these derma rollers in the past, but we no longer sell them, and we will explain why…

    What are 540 needle derma rollers?

    540 needle derma rollers can be found on Ebay and Amazon and usually have a black plastic body with a purple or red roller head, like this:

    540 Needle Derma Rollers: Why we don't sell them Derma Roller Store


    Are 540 needle derma rollers better than normal derma rollers?

    Sellers of these derma rollers usually claim that they are superior to standard, 192 needle derma rollers. Some of the (alleged) benefits are:

    • More needles – so shorter treatment time and more micro-channels created for collagen induction/product penetration.
    • Thinner needles – resulting in less pain.
    • Diamond shape needles – again resulting in less pain.

    Now let’s take a closer look at the needles of these derma rollers so we can examine these claims:

    540 Needle Derma Rollers: Why we don't sell them Derma Roller Store






    We can compare this picture to the needles on a standard, 192 needle derma roller:


    As we can see, the needles on the 540 needle derma roller aren’t really needles at all – they are knives. They certainly aren’t thinner than the standard derma roller needles, nor are they diamond shape. In fact, the thickness of each ‘needle’ is very narrow at its tip, but gets progressively wider down its length.

    Why 540 needle derma rollers are ineffective or harmful

    The design of the 540 needle derma rollers means that it is very difficult to get the needles to penetrate the skin. In reality, if you used this derma roller lightly (gentle pressure), the needles will not penetrate your skin to their full depth.

    In fact there are many people who prefer 540 needle derma rollers because they find them to be less painful to use than standard derma rollers.

    The reason why 540 needle derma rollers are not painful to use is because the needles do not penetrate to the proper depth – which of course means that they are not working effectively.

    In order to get the needles to penetrate to their proper depth, you would need to press about 2.5 times harder than you would with a standard 192 needle derma roller. This causes unnecessary trauma to the skin and is very painful. Furthermore, because the needles (knives) get wider towards the base, they slice open the skin (rather than puncturing it), which can cause scarring.

    There are no clinical results available for 540 needle derma rollers. Because they contain a single disc rather than many individual needles, they are cheaper to make and buy – which is why manufacturers/sellers will try to convince you to buy them, but in our opinion, they are just a gimmick.

    We advise our customers to stick to standard derma rollers with traditional needles, which have been clinically tested and proven to induct collagen without skin damage.

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