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    Do I need to use numbing cream?

    Do I Need to Use Numbing Cream?

    Do I need to use numbing cream? Derma Roller Store

    Numbing creams are not a new concept. They’ve been around in the beauty industry for many years, helping to take the pain away from a number of treatments.

    Incredibly popular with those getting tattoos (particularly in sensitive areas) – they also have a long history of taking the sting out of a number of cosmetic and beauty procedures. But how do they work their magic? 

    How does numbing cream work?

    Numbing creams are essentially a topical anaesthetic that are applied to the skin in order to reduce the immediate feeling of pain. They produce a numb sensation by creating a chemical barrier and blocking the pain signals sent by the nerve endings on the skin.

    Although they are available in a number of forms, including sprays and gels, a cream solution is the most common as it is easy to apply – and in the areas where you need it.

    Once applied to the desired area, the effects are apparent after just a couple of seconds, but the full effects cannot be felt for 1-2 hours.

    Once it has been applied, the skin will usually remain numb for up to four hours – more than long enough for you to have your treatment. 

    Will using numbing cream make my treatment less effective?

    Numbing creams are designed to greatly improve individual comfort during a treatment and do not affect the outcome at all.

    So whatever treatment you are having done, whether it be a tattoo or cosmetic treatment on the face or body, such as derma roller treatment, the results will always be the same – just without the pain. 

    Which brand is best?

    Thanks to their popularity, this non-invasive treatment can be used on people of all ages and almost anywhere on the body. There are many different creams available online, however they do come with varying results so it pays to do your homework to ensure you don’t feel the tingles of your treatment.

    SuperNumb is a water-based topical anaesthetic cream. Non-oily, it helps to remove the pain of a number of cosmetic procedures, including dermarolling.

    The cream contains an ingredient called Lidocaine, which is a fast-working anaesthetic that acts like a barrier on the skin meaning whatever procedure you’re having done, you won’t feel a thing.

    When you apply the cream, it’s advised that the skin is dry and not broken, and is removed at the first sign of irritation.

    Do I need to use numbing cream? Derma Roller Store

    The bottom line…

    Whether you decide to use numbing cream or not will depend on which needle length you are using and your personal preferences. 

    Most people can comfortably use needle lengths of 0.5mm or less without numbing cream. Whereas most people will need numbing cream when using  a 1.5mm or 2.0mm.  

    However, individual tolerance to pain varies between person to person. If you don’t find the derma roller to be particularly painful, you may find that incorporating numbing cream into your treatment is not worth the extra time it takes.

    On the other hand, if you find the treatment to be painful, numbing cream can be essential, allowing you to use your derma roller pain free. 

    Have you tried numbing cream for a treatment? Do you rely on it regularly? 

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