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    How to clean your derma roller

    How to Clean your Derma Roller

    This guide will show you how to clean your derma roller easily and effectively (for instructions on how to use your derma roller, click here). This will not only enable you to use your derma roller safely, but looking after your derma roller properly will make it last longer too! 

    Why is it necessary?

    After each use, the derma roller picks up dirt and bacteria from the surface of the skin. Not cleaning the derma roller properly after it is used leads to a growth of bacteria, which can be transferred back into the skin on its next use, potentially causing an infection. This is why it is really important to clean and disinfect (sterilise) your derma roller every time you use it.

    The easiest and most effective way to sterilise your derma roller is to use alcohol to kill any bacteria. However because alcohol does not dissolve proteins (such as those found in blood and skin), you will first need to clean the derma roller with a detergent (i.e. washing up liquid).

    How to clean your derma roller Derma Roller Store

    What you will need:

    • A plastic food container (or similar)
    • Washing-up liquid
    • Surgical spirit
    • A spray bottle
    • Paper towels/kitchen roll
    • Hot running water


    Step 1

    How to clean your derma roller Derma Roller Store

    Fill a plastic food container with warm (not boiling) water and add a couple of drops of washing up liquid. Lay the derma roller upside down in the container (so that the needles are not in contact with the walls of the container) and leave to soak until clean (10-20 minutes should be long enough). Rinse the derma roller with hot water. This method will clean the derma roller by removing any blood or skin cells, but will not sterilise it. 


    Step 2 How to clean your derma roller Derma Roller Store

    Surgical Spirit (also known as Rubbing Alcohol) is a mixture of methanol and ethanol and is ideal for sterilising a derma roller (you can buy this in your local chemist, such as your local Boots the Chemist)

    You can also use 60-80% ethanol or methanol alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.

    The easiest way to sterilise your derma roller is to transfer the surgical spirit into a spray bottle, then thoroughly spray the derma roller, making sure all the needles are coated.

    If you prefer, you can pour some surgical spirit into a suitable container and soak the derma roller in it for up to one hour.

    Step 3

    Rinse the derma roller with running water, then lay it upside down on a paper towel and let it air-dry.

    Step 4

    Once the derma roller is completely dry, put it back into its storage container.

    What not to use to clean/disinfect your derma roller

    Boiling water/an autoclave: Exposure to high temperatures can damage the needles of your derma roller.

    Milton Sterilising Fluid: This product is not intended for use on metal and will corrode the needles of your derma roller.

    Bleach: Because the derma roller is used on your skin, harsh cleaning chemicals should be avoided.

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    • I would advise against the 3rd step, and instead go from 2 to 4 after letting the alcohol evaporate. Alcohol will kill most bacteria on the dermaroller in step 2; better then NOT to subequently expose it to tap water in step 3, seeing as how tap water is far from sterile and contains plenty of bacteria. (Which isn’t a problem when drinking it, due to the gut barrier keeping pathogens out, but could definitely be an issue when they end up on needles which will then penetrate the skin.)

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