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    7 common problems derma rollers can fix

    common skin problems
    7 common problems derma rollers can fix At some point in our lives, all of us will likely encounter an issue with our skin that we need to resolve. Derma rollers are a great tool to use in the quest for flawless skin as they can help to fix a number of common problems you might experience. Here are just some of the problems derma rollers can fix.   1. Wrinkles and fine lines Unfortunately, even the best of us start to show signs of ageing. The good news is, using a derma roller regularly helps to produce collagen and elastin. This then fills in your fine lines and wrinkles, reducing their appearance! So, while we can’t stop you from ageing completely, we can hold...

    5 tips for achieving a youthful glow

    youthful glow
    5 tips for achieving a youthful glow There are not many women, or men out there who wouldn’t wish to achieve a youthful glow. Rather than looking fake or overly made-up, a youthful glow is defined by skin that is fresh and radiant, with a totally natural appearance. Although this is the ultimate goal for many people, it is also achievable if you follow these five simple tips:  1. Drink plenty of water Loss of moisture is one of the main factors that contributes to ageing skin, so ensuring you drink enough water as part of your daily routine can help to give it the natural moisture it needs. It is recommend that you drink two litres of water a day to stay healthy –...

    Instant tricks to fix tired, worn out skin

    tired skin
    Instant tricks to fix tired, worn out skin Many of us wish for bright, radiant, glowing skin. However, thanks to busy and often stressful lifestyles, it can be hard to achieve this look without masking your face with your favourite foundation. If you want to feel confident showing off your skin’s natural complexion with pride, but are suffering from dull, tired, worn out skin, here are some instant tricks to fix it! Take a nap Lack of sleep can result in skin looking worn out and far from radiating that healthy glow we all want to achieve! Take the time to enjoy a nap, even if it is just for 20 minutes or so! It can give your skin and your body the boost of...

    The top skin concerns and how to fix them with a derma roller

    skin concerns
    The Top Skin Concerns and How to Fix them with a Derma Roller Although there are many skin concerns that many of us wish to address, some are very common and will affect most of us at some point during our lives.   Alongside wanting perfect nails, shiny hair and flat stomachs, many people are willing to invest more time, effort and money into addressing skin complaints as part of regular self-care routines. Having glowing, flawless skin really helps to boost confidence, and luckily there are a ton of simple methods that can help you achieve it!  Wrinkles The thought of wrinkled, aged skin can seem like a lifetime away for women in their 20s, but it happens to the best of us. Everyone will start to...

    What are collagen and elastin?

    What are Collagen and Elastin? If you’ve ever dipped your toes into the wonderful world of beauty, you’ll probably have heard the words ‘collagen’ and ‘elastin’. They’ve become used more frequently in ads, but what they are is not always clearly explained. That’s where we come in! Here’s your complete guide to collagen and elastin. Collagen It’s time to get a bit sciencey. Collagen is your body’s most abundant protein – in fact, it makes up one third of the human body. It’s found all over – in your bones, muscles, tendons, and, of course, in your skin. Collagen actually holds you skin together. It keeps things looking plump, especially in your younger years. Collagen is vital for the regeneration of your skin. It’s most...

    Reverse sun damage with a derma roller

    sun damaged skin after and before
    Reverse Sun Damage with a Derma Roller  If you’re looking for a natural way to reverse the effects of sun damage to your skin, the derma roller is an ideal choice. The derma roller tackles sun damage in two ways: It increases the effectiveness of skin care products by allowing them to penetrate more deeply into your skin. E.g. Vitamin C and retinol can help to treat sun damage.  The derma roller also stimulates the creation of collagen within the skin, giving your skin a smoother texture and repairing any damage caused by the sun, including lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.  How does the  sun damage our skin?  Over the course of our lives, most of us will have spent a fair amount of time in the sun, whether by...

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