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    What to look for when buying a derma roller

    What to look for when buying a derma roller

    What to look for when buying a derma roller Derma Roller Store

    There are hundreds of derma rollers currently on the market and they’re not all made equally. Due to the nature of derma rolling, it’s important that you have a good quality device that will make your skin glow. Here’s seven of the most important things you should consider before buying a derma roller.  


    It is vital that derma rollers are sterilised before sale for obvious reasons – you don’t want to be sticking potentially dirty needles into your skin. Fear not because at Derma Roller Store all our derma rollers come gamma-sterilised as standard. 

    Needle Quality

    Poor quality derma rollers may be made with sub-standard materials. If the metal is anything less than medical-grade stainless steal or titanium, it may be prone to breakages or cause an allergic reaction. Make sure you check the materials that are used in the derma roller, as poor quality can do your skin more harm than good.

    Even though they may be less fashionable, we only sell the classic-style rollers with fewer needles. We don’t sell any any 540-needle derma rollers, because these derma rollers aren’t actually made with needles at all and can cause scarring. Please see this article for more information. 

    What to look for when buying a derma roller Derma Roller Store

    Classic derma roller needles

    What to look for when buying a derma roller Derma Roller Store

    The ‘needles’ on a 540-needle derma roller are not really needles at all and can cause skin damage due to their thickness

    Needle Size

    You probably already know that derma roller come with different needle lengths – which one you choose will depend on several factors, the most important being the skin condition you wish to treat and the area of the body you want to target. 2.0mm is the longest recommended needle length for home use.

    But did you know that needle width also varies between derma roller models? It is important to choose a derma roller with needles that are the correct width – needles that are too thick can cause damage to the skin, whereas needles that are too narrow will not induct collagen (and therefore won’t work).  Optimal needle thickness is 0.3mm at the thickest point (don’t worry – all of our derma rollers are made to this specification). 

    Protective Cover

    A protective cover is really important when purchasing a derma roller. Many users can find their needles blunt, broken or bent without something to protect them. A damaged needle can, in some cases, lead to cuts and infections. So, a good quality derma roller should always come with a good quality case which either protects the head or cradles the whole derma roller.

    What to look for when buying a derma roller Derma Roller Store

    Derma rollers should come with a protective cover or case

    Certifications and testing

    Always check that the derma roller you are looking at is certified for use and has been tested to ensure that it is safe. Here at the Derma Roller store, all of the rollers that we stock are tested and certified – so you’ll always get a good quality derma roller. If you want to be extra safe, choose a Dr. Roller which is FDA approved in South Korea, where it is made.

    What to look for when buying a derma roller Derma Roller Store

    Dr. Roller is certified by Korea FDA and has obtained a certification of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

    Clear Instructions

    It’s important that you understand how to properly use a derma roller before putting it anywhere near your skin. However, derma rollers are made in China or Korea and many come with poor instructions.  Luckily, we have put together an online guide which you should read carefully before using your derma roller, so you can be sure you are using it safely and effectively. You can find instructions on how to clean your derma roller here

    Returns and Guarantees

    When buying online, it’s vitally important that you check the stockists return policies. They should be clear and transparent – and offer a money back guarantee if your product is faulty. If nothing like this is offered, it’s a potential red flag against the product. You can find out about our returns policy here.


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